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Our Story

"Our lively Pub has become a kind of 'home away from home' for many locals and visitors over the years. We have created a cozy spot in the hamlet of Mabou, on the west coast of Cape Breton, which offers a delicious menu of Nova Scotia home cooking with a side order of live traditional music, 7 days a week!"

- The Rankin Sisters’


Live Music 7 Days a Week!

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The Owners


World-renowned singers Heather, Cookie & Raylene Rankin along with their eldest sister Genevieve Fakoory, purchased the Red Shoe Pub in 2004 and opened its doors in 2005.

Born and raised in the community of Mabou, the Rankin Sisters wanted to create something that gave back to their community. The Shoe currently employs 37+ people and is one of the top tourism destination spots in Nova Scotia.

Catherine Peterson

The Manager


Angie Smith grew up in the neighbouring community of Inverness, Cape Breton and came on board as General Manager of the Shoe in 2007. Over the past 10 years Angie has been dedicated to making the Shoe an unforgettable experience for customers.

She looks forward to each season of serving great food, hearing great music and experiencing great times.


Margaret Alexander

The Chef


Kate Campbell is a passionate chef coming to us from Calgary.  Born and raised in Alberta, she also has strong ties to the East coast, with both parents hailing from Cape Breton Island.  She graduated from SAIT in 2011 with honours in Culinary Arts, and has been sous chef at Infuse Cuisine Group ever since.  Kate is looking forward to working with the amazing local ingredients the island has to offer and bringing her globally influenced style to The Red Shoe.  She can't wait to come 'home' for a bountiful season of good food!


2018 Red Shoe Renovations

Architectural Design : M3D Design Works - General Contracting: DJ MacLean & Sons

The Red Shoe Name



The very first tune I composed - it’s in Gordon MacQuarries book - was ‘The Red Shoes’,” -Dan Rory

Johnny Gillis of North East Mabou, came up with the name 'Red Shoe' as a tribute to Cape Breton fiddler Dan R. MacDonald. After doing some research, former pub owner Rob Willson realized just how much Dan R. had contributed to the music and culture and decided it would be an appropriate name for the pub.

*Photo credit Ron Mac Innis





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