Sous Chef

 Sous Chef Job Overview

The Sous Chef works alongside head chef to manage daily kitchen activates including overseeing staff aiding with menu preparation ensuring food quality and freshness and monitoring ordering and stocking. Provides meal quality and consistency by following designated recipes.

Sous Chef Job Duties:

  • Leads kitchen team in Chef’s absence

  • Provides guidance to junior kitchen staff members including but not limited to line cooking, food preparation and dish plating

  • Oversees and organizes kitchen stock and ingredients

  • Ensures a first-in, first-out food rotation system and verifies all food products are properly dated and organized for quality assurance.

  • Keeps cooking station stocked especially before and during prime operation hours

  • Trains new kitchen employees to restaurant and kitchen standards

  • Manages food and product ordering by keeping detailed records and minimizes waste plus works with existing systems to improve waste reduction and manage budgetary concerns

  • Supervises food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and restaurant standards

  • Works with head chef to maintain kitchen organization

  • Verifies that food storage units all meet standards and are consistently well managed

  • Assists head chef with menu creation

  • Coordinated with restaurant management team on supply ordering, budget and kitchen efficiency and staffing


Sous Chef Skills & Qualifications

Formal Culinary Training, Previous Restaurant Experience, Extensive Food and Beverage Knowledge, Restaurant Industry Knowledge, Strong Organizational Skills, Attention to Detail, Knowledge of Restaurant Regulations, Leadership, Management. Positivity, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Self- Motivated, Creative Problem-Solving Skills, Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills, Exceptional Customer-Service Skills.

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