Chef Position Overview:

Oversees a restaurant's kitchen by managing other members of the food preparation team, deciding what dishes to serve and adjusting orders to meet guests’ requests. May assist in prep work. but more often will be involved in cooking specialty dishes. Chooses ingredients and designs a menu based on season availability of food items. Creates unique dishes that inspire guests to come back again and again to see what is new in the restaurant.


Chef Job Duties:

  • Cooks guests’ orders according to their preferences

  • Employs food safety best practices and makes sure that all kitchen staff members do the same

  • Acts with appropriate caution in a dangerous environment where there are knives and high-temperature surfaces

  • Selects choice ingredients that will give dishes the best flavour

  • Experiments to come up with new specialties that will draw diners into the restaurant

  • Coaches the sous chef and other members of the kitchen staff so they perform at their best

  • Determines how much food to order and maintains an appropriate supply at the restaurant

  • Does food costing and inventory

  • Keeps up with trends in cooking and the restaurant business to ensure that guests have a positive experience

  • Works quickly and accurately during busy periods, such as weekends and evenings

  • Occasionally takes on extra duties, such as cleaning when the kitchen is short staffed or the restaurant is particularly busy

  • Takes direction and works with the restaurants administrative team

  • Does staff scheduling

Chef’s Skills and Qualifications:

Training in Culinary Arts, Experience, Works Quickly, Physical Stamina, Creative Flair, Flexible Schedule, Strong Communication, Organizational Skills, Team Mentality, Leadership Skills

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